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This program is for students, graduates, professionals in public health, including business owners planning to attend a big or small public health conference within the next six months. Learn simple strategies for effective networking before, during, and after the conference so that you can develop your own professional networking action plan for your next public health conference.

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Overview of Conference Networking

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Program Workbook

    • WORKBOOK: Professional Networking at Public Health Conferences

  • 3

    Benefits of Attending Public Health Conferences

    • Why attend? Benefits and Reasons

  • 4

    10 Strategies for Networking and Preparation Before the Conference

    • Networking Strategies Before the Conference

  • 5

    12 Strategies for Effective and Authentic Networking During the Conference

    • Networking Strategies During the Conference

  • 6

    8 Strategies for Networking and Building Professional Relationships After the Conference

    • Networking Strategies After the Conference

  • 7

    Develop Your Professional Networking Action Plan

    • Own it! Summary and Action Steps

Program Coach

Program Coach

Dr. CH Huntley

Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley is an entrepreneur, epidemiologist, consultant, and podcaster. She brings her diverse background, which includes 18 years of experience in both healthcare and public health to her role as CEO of DrCHHuntley, LLC. Products and services offered through DrCHHuntley, LLC focus on helping public health students and professionals develop a career or business strategy that targets their goals and serves the communities and causes they care most about. Additionally, DrCHHuntley, LLC provides descriptive epidemiology services to support the needs of public health, saving them time, providing valuable information, and data visualizations. Signature products of DrCHHuntley, LLC include the Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast and For My Health Today Podcast, which are characterized by Dr. Huntley's unique communication style and her ability to inspire individuals and communities to take action and drive positive outcomes.

Develop your own professional networking action plan for your next public health conference!