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This program is for students, graduates, professionals in public health, including business owners planning to attend a big or small public health conference within the next six months. Learn simple strategies for effective networking before, during, and after the conference so that you can develop your own professional networking action plan for your next public health conference.
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  • Attend a post APHA conference session to discuss networking experiences and next steps.

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Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Overview of Conference Networking

    • Welcome!
  • 2

    Program Workbook

    • WORKBOOK: Professional Networking at Public Health Conferences
  • 3

    Benefits of Attending Public Health Conferences

    • Why attend? Benefits and Reasons
  • 4

    10 Strategies for Networking and Preparation Before the Conference

    • Networking Strategies Before the Conference
  • 5

    12 Strategies for Effective and Authentic Networking During the Conference

    • Networking Strategies During the Conference
  • 6

    8 Strategies for Networking and Building Professional Relationships After the Conference

    • Networking Strategies After the Conference
  • 7

    Develop Your Professional Networking Action Plan

    • Own it! Summary and Action Steps

Program Coach

Dr. CH Huntley

Program Coach

Dr. CH Huntley

Greetings! While working full time, I completed my master's degree online as a busy single parent of three wonderful and very active children. After remarrying and adjusting to my new blended family, I successfully completed my PhD online as well. I'm certainly not Super Woman and I'm not claiming to be an example of perfection by any means! However, I am someone who has overcome many obstacles and challenges and learned a great deal throughout my journey. I've been able to share strategies that I developed along the way with others and helped them reach their goals. I've prepared this program with much care and consideration in order to present the strategies in a way that is most relevant and actionable, so that you can immediately begin to apply them into your life and situation. I look forward to helping you accomplish your public health career goals.

Develop your own professional networking action plan for your next public health conference!

Enroll for $97