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Starts March16, 2020

In this program, you will develop a step by step strategy that targets your public health career goals, moving you closer to serving the populations and causes you care most about.

This program is for you if...

  • You've already completed your degree in public health, but you're having trouble getting into the career field.

  • Public health is so broad! You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

  • You feel frustrated by the lack of career opportunities.

  • You have limited or no experience in public health, and you're not sure what your career options are.

  • You are afraid of starting over, being new, or being competitive.

  • You want to work for an organization, and you're not interested in starting a business.

Program curriculum

Starts March 16, 2020

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome

  • 2

    Identifying Your Specific Public Health Passions and Interests

    • Identifying Your Public Health Passions and Goals

    • Worksheet: My PH interests

    • Extra Resource: PH Careers for DYPHCS

    • Feedback: PH Passions

  • 3

    Establishing Your Public Health Career Options

    • Establishing Your Public Health Career Options

    • Worksheet: Public Health Career Options

    • Resources: PH Career Resources

    • Notes for this module

    • Feedback: Establishing your career options

  • 4

    Recognizing Resources and Skills Needed for Your Specific Goal Career

    • Skills Needed - Part 1

    • Assess Skills - Part 2

    • Evaluate Skills - Part 3

    • 10 Tips to Improve Resume/CV

    • Feedback: Summarize Skills Needed

  • 5

    Obtaining Necessary Skills and Resources

    • Obtaining skills/resources

    • Skill building resources

  • 6

    Developing your Networking Strategy, the Right Way

    • Overview of Networking

    • Professional Networking in Public Health

    • Professional Networking Guide

    • Feedback: Developing your Networking Strategy, the Right Way

  • 7

    Creating Your Strategic Plan and System for Tracking Progress

    • Creating Your Strategic Plan and System for Tracking Progress

    • Links: System for Tracking Progress

  • 8

    Strategy Developed: Next Steps & Wrap Up

    • Strategy Developed: Next Steps & Wrap Up

    • Additional Resources

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Meet Your Coach

Program Coach

Dr. CH Huntley

Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley is an entrepreneur, epidemiologist, consultant, and podcaster. She brings her diverse background, which includes 18 years of experience in both healthcare and public health to her role as CEO of DrCHHuntley, LLC. Products and services offered through DrCHHuntley, LLC focus on helping public health students and professionals develop a career or business strategy that targets their goals and serves the communities and causes they care most about. Additionally, DrCHHuntley, LLC provides descriptive epidemiology services to support the needs of public health, saving them time, providing valuable information, and data visualizations. Signature products of DrCHHuntley, LLC include the Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast and For My Health Today Podcast, which are characterized by Dr. Huntley's unique communication style and her ability to inspire individuals and communities to take action and drive positive outcomes.